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A chat with Luke from VIVID Build

VIVID is all about building more homes and brighter futures – and this applies to our staff as well as our residents. Luke Faithfull joined us back in 2014 as a multiskilled tradesman and has worked his way up to become an Assistant Site Manager with VIVID Build, working on his own project of four houses. We chatted to Luke to find out about his VIVID journey:


So, you joined us in June 2014 as a multiskilled tradesman; what were you doing before?

I completed my NVQ Level three in carpentry and joinery, and was self-employed for a couple of years doing carpentry and window fitting.


And in what role did you join us?

I spent my first year working as a multiskilled tradesman in North Town, doing all sorts of jobs, from putting together flat pack furniture to plumbing in washing machines! I realised that a handyman type role wasn’t going to suit me long-term so I looked at other options.


What happened next?

I saw the new North Town site being set up by First Wessex Homes (now VIVID Build) and hoped there would be opportunities for me. A few months later, I applied for a job as a Trainee Assistant Site Manager. With my trade background and self-employment experience, I had a good background for the job and got it!


Great! How did the company help you progress in your new role?

It put me through my NVQ Level Four, which was a year of on-the-job training and experience. I completed the NVQ whilst working at North Town, where I spent several months running my own phase. This training and experience allowed me to progress into my current role.


And what does your current role involve?

I’m now an Assistant Site Manager working on my own project at Lyndhurst Avenue in Aldershot. The build involves four affordable rent houses. Everyday tasks include managing subcontractors, health and safety issues, and ordering and managing materials.


What’s your favourite part of the job – and the biggest challenge?

The job can be very testing some days! Scheduled deliveries don’t always turn up on time and the weather can cause delays. But it’s very rewarding when you see the progress being made. My main trade is carpentry but since joining the company, my knowledge has expanded throughout the trades. I do miss the tools some days, but the experience I have gained through site management is very valuable.


And what are your aims for the future?

I want to progress in site management as far as I can with VIVID Build.  I like the idea of running my own successful building and renovating business, and my ultimate aim would be to one day build my own dream house from scratch!